We have both worked with a wide variety of clients during the past 20 years in many different types of treatment settings. We believe that each person is unique, and therapy must be a collaborative effort between the therapist and client based upon mutual understanding and respect. We both use a variety of theoretical and treatment approaches depending upon the individual needs of our clients and their current situation.

Dr. Gallacher currently specializes in anxiety disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, and Dissociative Disorders. Dr. Readett specializes in Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Self-Esteem, Giftedness, and integrative approaches to Wellness.  Dr. Readett is currently focussing his practice on mindfulness training.  Most insurances are accepted.

A Meditative Moment

Mindfulness meditation is far more than counting breaths while sitting facing the wall on an oversize cushion. It is even more than a technique for managing stress or improving our performance by learning to focus our minds more effectively. Like diet and physical exercise, it is one of the few things that we can do that has a global pervasive positive impact on the quality of our lives.

After seeing the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice in our clients and our own lives we became determined to demystify this ancient practice and present it in a way that is clear and concise for a modern audience. This was the beginning of A Meditative Moment.

There is a large amount of information about mindfulness available for free on our site, and the concepts and techniques presented have all been empirically validated by modern scientific research and have been taught in live courses by Drs. Readett and Gallacher at The Williamsville Wellness Center. If you are interested in the world of meditation, we invite you head over to A Meditative Moment and take a look.

Online Mindfulness Training

Dr. Readett is now offering private online consultation to discuss your own mindfulness practice.  Private video conferencing sessions using SKYPE are available at the rate of $75.00 for a 45 minute consultation.  There are a limited number of appointments currently open.  Please check the appointment link on the right side of this page for availability.  Online consultation with Dr. Readett typically centers on the practice of mindfulness although it often contains elements of coaching and traditional psychotherapy as well.  Sessions typically involve individualized instruction in a variety of mindfulness techniques as well as the application of mindfulness skills to daily life.

A Meditative Moment

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Online Private Sessions

Dr. Readett is now offering online private sessions to discuss your own mindfulness practice.  Private Video Conferencing Sessions are available using Skype at the rate of $75.00 for a 45 minute consultation.  There are a limited number of appointments currently open.  Please check the calendar for availability.  Prepayment is required.

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