Mindfulness and Insight Oriented Therapy

The last common type of therapy I will discuss in this series can be broadly categorized as Insight Oriented Therapies.  The distinguishing feature of this approach is the understanding that our inner experience is a remarkably complex and meaningful process.  This approach acknowledges the role of important formative experiences and it aims to develop a life of depth, beauty, and purpose. 

Mindfulness is a natural fit for this type of treatment approach, and it is this combination I use most often in my own work.

Many times a psychological symptom is an expression of an even deeper message or motivation.  For example someone who is feeling uninspired or disconnected from their work might been anxious on the way in for their shift.  Or perhaps someone who never received the support or encouragement they needed doesn't believe in themselves and develops low self-esteem.  Or perhaps someone who is living a life they were pressured into rather than the one they wanted to live might eventually feel depressed.  Rather than relying on medication to solve these problems, insight oriented therapy seeks to address the core of the issue.

Two important parts of this therapeutic approach are identifying and working through any important past experiences and increasing self-awareness.  This allows you to connect more directly with your own deepest values and priorities free of any negative or critical past influences.  Similarly this process of freeing yourself from limiting experiences and increasing self-awareness is exactly what the meditative journey is all about.  For more information about mindfulness I invite you to visit our online mindfulness course at www.meditativemoment.org.


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