Two Paths One Goal

 When I began my doctoral training in the early 1990s, not many people had heard of mindfulness.  Meditation was considered to be not much more than an interesting relic from the past that did not have any relevance to modern psychological treatment.  Nevertheless throughout my education I kept noticing significant parallels between the meditative path and what I was learning in school.  At times it seemed that the twin worlds of therapy and meditation were existing side by side without either one knowing much about the other.  I remember thinking how much could be gained by combining the two.

Twenty five years later there are a host of widespread therapies that teach mindfulness skills as a central component.  Mindfulness classes are now included in most graduate psychology program, and the core mindfulness skills have penetrated into almost every corner of modern psychological treatment.  In this blog series I will be exploring the impact of mindfulness on many  of the traditional schools of therapy.

I am hoping these posts will be interesting for both professionals and consumers and I will try to avoid professional jargon as much as possible.  I have always felt that the wisdom and life skills found in the therapists office should be freely available to everyone who is interested.  Mindfulness has great potential to improve your quality of life.  For more information about the practice of mindfulness and it's benefits please visit our online mindfulness course at  A Meditative Moment is an online adaptation of a mindfulness course I teach at the Williamsville Wellness Center in Williamsville, NY.  It is designed to be a basic introduction to mindfulness practice.

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